Dwayne Clark and Kristen Zedella

Dwayne Clark and Kristen Zedella are civil litigators who have specialized in complex maritime cases for decades.  As a litigation team they have represented plaintiffs and defendants and their insurance companies.  They remain active as litigation trial lawyers.  Their complete profiles can be found at www.lawboat.com.

Dwayne and Kristen have been Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Mediators since 2009. They work on all litigation cases and mediations as a team.

With Clark & Zedella, as a mediation team, the parties get the benefit of two (not one) mediators. In their roles as co-mediators they provide two perspectives, with uniquely balanced feedback and input to settle cases.

Dwayne Clark and Kristen Zedella are of different ages, experience and genders and they have found this highly valuable in fostering relationships with the parties, counsel and the courts.  Also, team mediation is effective for analyzing issues, problem-solving and creative resolution of disputes. In their experience, Clark & Zedella have found “two heads are better than one” and their team approach has been proven over the years, in complex litigation.

Co-mediation is highly effective, and Clark & Zedella’s fee for two mediators is competitive with most sole mediators.

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