Elinor Robin & David Spofford

Elinor and David provide a unique service for couples that want to move through the transition of divorce without hiring lawyers. Their co-mediation process offers male-female balance, problem-solving tools, and a frame of reference that includes the legal, financial, social, and psychological aspects of divorce. Using a one-stop, flat fee model they are able to provide their clients with mediation services as well as preparation of the Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA), Parenting Plan, and other documents needed for filing an uncontested divorce.

Elinor is Licensed as both a Mental Health Counselor and a Marriage and Family Therapist. She has over 25 years of divorce-related practical and research experience and has mediated thousands of divorces in the private and public sectors. David’s career has included law practice in Texas and Florida, and work as both a software engineer and a life-coach. Together, they focus on helping divorcing couples navigate their existing issues while successfully moving forward as painlessly as possible. You can learn more about David, Elinor, and their extraordinary mediation service at www.AFriendlyDivorce.com .

Please DO NOT use the Contact Us form on this site to send direct messages to Elinor or David.  Instead, contact them by phone – 352-575-8777 or by email – elinorobin@aol.com.