Stacey Smith

Stacey Smith is a Certified Family Mediator by the Florida State Supreme Court and is President and Founder of Turning Point Mediation Partners. Stacey formed Turning Point Mediation Partners to help couples find a sense of healing, peace, and empowerment. Her mission is to help couples and families preserve their character, their respect for one another, and to maintain a focus on the family as a unit throughout the divorce process. Helping couples and families reach agreements that are mutually beneficial is her professional and personal mission.

Ms. Smith holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida State University and brings a wealth of experience and insight as a neutral collaborative party to the field of mediation. Ms. Smith’s success stems not only from her experience, but also from her ability to encourage respectful discussion, earnest listening and collaborative resolution.

Prior to becoming a Florida State Supreme Court Certified Mediator, Ms. Smith held executive leadership roles in healthcare, requiring creative approaches to resolving some of our nation’s most complex healthcare challenges. She currently lives in Neptune Beach, Florida.